Inserting male and female symbols into text

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If a male or female symbol is inserted into the text font 'Arial' from the symbol font 'Arial Special G2', the space above and below the line in which the insertion has taken place is increased, so that the line spacing is no longer even. Decreasing the point size of the inserted symbol does not correct this. The same occurs with 'Times New Roman' and 'Times New Roman Special G2'. Either Character Map or change font and ASCII code must be used for the symbol insertion, which is a pain when needed frequently. You do not see uneven line spacing in Biology text books where these symbols are used, so there must be an answer.

Both Arial and TNR contain several symbols that I never use (e.g. ASCII 137, 159 and 165) and would willingly sacrifice. Does anybody know of a text font, preferably True Type and San Serif, that contains the male amd female symbols? I must add that I contacted the Monotype Corporation and they only suggested another symbol font.

Tony Cooper

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Try pressing ALT+11 and ALT+12 (use number pad).

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? or ?
I thought you meant the figure on toilet doors

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I just had a go in an office document and the symbols went in OK selecting/copying and the line was normal [font Times New Roman]
"testing ??? testing". Uhhh, it looks perfect in my document ;-)

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These are the symbols that Tony Cooper is referring to click here

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