Inserting images in MS Access

  IannF 19:51 06 Feb 2005

I'm using MS Access 2002 and trying to create a database which will display images of each subject in a table. Whether I try to embed or link the image into the table I get the same error message - "Problem while trying to communicate with OLE server or ActiveX control. Close OLE server and restart it outside MS Access, then try original operation again in Access." I can't find any way to follow these instructions! Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks ...

  megat193 20:18 06 Feb 2005

There were threads about this long time ago, and with no satisfactory resolution. I then had a look at Microsoft's Access newsgroups which did give info on how to solve the problem, but were beyond my abilities. Also, some who tried found they were unsuccessful From that, however, I have found that if you create a Bound Object frame in your form, then use copy/paste to insert the image from its folder, it actually does work.

If you need more from me, then let me know.

  IannF 20:41 06 Feb 2005

Thanks for this advice, but I still get an error message - "The connection with the OLE server was lost, or the OLE server encountered an error while you were using it. Restart the OLE server, then try again." I have no idea how to 'restart the OLE server'!

  megat193 23:05 06 Feb 2005

I must admit that using the copy and paste system works for me as long as I have both source and database open at the time I am copying. I found the OLE threads in the Office Discussion Groups on a "Ole server" search. I shall try and post the link here, but you will be aware that it is very difficult posting links. Try pasting this one together again...

I hope it worked.

  megat193 23:12 06 Feb 2005

I have just realised that you say you are trying to insert the image into a table. Now I am inserting it into a form, and that might be the difference. In the form it shows the picture, but in the table it just shows the text 'Picture' or 'Ulead Photographic Image' depending on what my source was.

That might be the factor with your problem as opposed to mine.

Good Luck with the OLE Server Registration. It seems straightforward, but it lost me completely.

  IannF 23:20 06 Feb 2005

I've tried doing it directly into the form as well, with the same result unfortunately. Right now I'm struggling through some pages of Access support at Microsoft, which is making my head hurt. Regardless, I am very grateful for your help ...

  IannF 20:02 07 Feb 2005

Found the solution, indirectly, on the DELL support website. Others complaining of the same problem were advised to change settings within Norton Anti-Virus. I run AVG Free Edition, not Norton, but found when I turned it off that everything worked as it should, both importing and pasting links. I was surprised to find that once this had been done on one record, I could switch AVG back on and the OLE function continued to work correctly. Beats me why!

  megat193 20:09 07 Feb 2005

Excellent. Thanks for returning with the solution which will help anyone else who has the same problem.

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