Inserting header/footer in MS Access 2000?

  Llwydyn 00:28 29 Aug 2005

I would like to have a class of pupils working on the same database in MS Access (for initial introduction practice prior to creating their own database). Is it at all possible to insert a header/footer or change the contents of the "print headings" when working with Tables and Queries? (they need to personolise their work in order to know whose work is being printed).

  Durko 12:23 29 Aug 2005


Have a look at this link should be of help.

click here


  Llwydyn 21:50 29 Aug 2005

Thanks for the link Durko, but no info. unfortunately.
It appears that the only solution is to create a report based on the tables/queries in order to be able to personolise the printouts with their names (I was hoping to initially keep the procedure as simple as possible).

  lotvic 10:46 31 Aug 2005

the only way to individualise each printout with students name is to rename the table by adding their name after you/they have copied the Master Table to their pc

1. Open Access

2. Open an exiisting file and select the Table to Open then click on OK

3. Make sure that 'Tables' is selected in the Objects pane

4. Right click on the table name (ie: Test Table) and click on 'rename' then add the students name (ie: Fred Bloggs Test Table) and press Enter on keyboard

If you/they create a Form to display the contents of the Table then it is a good idea to include the Object in the name (ie: when you save the Form call it Fred Bloggs Test Form)

This is how I was taught to do it at evening class at college

  Llwydyn 12:33 31 Aug 2005

Thanks for your suggestion lotvic.

The procedure you suggest is the method I do use with older pupils regarding coursework.

I always insist my pupils include at least their names in a footer (something they are able to do with most packages). As I mentioned earlier, the correct procedure I suppose is to create a report based on the tables and the outcomes of the queries.

Although I'm aware that MS Works does allow inserting a footer, we are not in a situation to be able to use it unfortunately!

Again thanks for your interest and suggestion.

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