Inserting Flash into dreamweaver

  rogerkohn 10:09 22 Jul 2008

I'm a beginner trying to insert a revolving globe (without rectangular background) in Flash into a Dreamweaver html page. Can't lose the background around the revolving globe... any suggestions???

  MAJ 23:52 23 Jul 2008

Make the globe's background the same colour as your page.

  rogerkohn 09:16 24 Jul 2008

Yes Maj... I have tried that but the background is a complex artwork and it's not a perfect match. I suppose the only way to do it is to make the whole thing a Flash artwork – including overlaid text??

  MAJ 18:29 25 Jul 2008

Unless it's really essential for your website and really small, I would try not to use Flash at all, rogerkohn. Let us see what you're trying to do when you get the chance.

  rogerkohn 10:57 27 Jul 2008

Thanks Maj. Got to learn how to incorporate Flash in a controlled way. The only way I can create this site as I want it is to do the whole thing in Flash.... take a peek at the story so far...

click here

You can see I'm a designer and not a programmer! I'm Mac based and find it frustrating that previewing in Mac's Safari browser looks different to viewing in Opera for example. I can overlay type in Dreamweaver over a Flash file but although it shows in Safari it appears BEHIND the Flash file in Opera.

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