Inserting a file with FP2000

  steven_frost 10:07 28 Jul 2003

how do i insert a file in to FP2000. Its a word doc which while on 63k has alot of text in so i would like to let people to down load it to read at their on pace any ideas thanks

  MichelleC 10:28 28 Jul 2003

Easiest way I do it is to copy text from Word and paste into new page in FP.

  steven_frost 14:09 28 Jul 2003

not some thing i really want to do as their is alot of text in it what i want to be able to do is let people down load the file but how

  Taran 14:11 28 Jul 2003

In FrontPage click on File, click on Import then select the option to Add File from the pop up window that appears.

Use the file browser to find the Word document in question, click Open then click OK to import it to your web folder.

Type some relevant text on the web page you want the download link to appear on, say along the lines of;

Click here to download the XYZ document in Word format.

Highlight the 'Click here' part of the above sentence, click on the Hyperlink button on the top toolbar in FrontPage or press the Ctrl and K keys on your keyboard (which is the keyboard shortcut to launch the Hyperlink tool).

Use the Edit hyperlink file browser to find the Word document in your web folder and either double click it or click on it once to highlight it then click OK to create the link.

Publish the web and when someone clicks the hyperlink to download your file, they should get the prompt to Save as. You may also want to include a brief sentence along the lines of:

To save this document to your computer, right click the link and select Save Target As...

Job done.

An alternative which can be useful is to use the Insert drop down menu in FrontPage. Click Insert then click on File. Browse to the file you want to insert into your web page and either double click it or click once on it then click Open. FrontPage inserts the file, with all formatting intact (tables, bold and italics and other effects) and alters it to HTML for display on the web.

For the download option it could be worth re-saving the document as RTF since not all people have Word, but this could ruin any formatting you have applied to it. The advantage to RTF is that all word processing software can open and read it; you might also consider saving the file as Word 6.0/95 in the Save as type options in Word. This allows people with older versions of the software to still read your document while newer versions of Word will politely offer to update the file format if it is altered and re-saved.

Good luck with it, but if you come unstuck, post again and one of us will walk you through it.



  Forum Editor 18:50 28 Jul 2003

converting the document to a PDF - which means that anyone can view it in its original formatting as long as they have the free Acrobat reader installed. This means that they don't have to have MS Word installed on their machine. It also means that nobody can edit the document and pass it off as your original, and this can have distinct security and copyright advantages.

I generally include a link to the reader download site
click here next to, or near the download link, so people who don't have the reader can get it easily.

  steven_frost 19:03 28 Jul 2003

I'd love to have the file as a PDF file but the site is for a carnival so money is an object and since i'm dong this out of my own pocket funds are limited on my point the site its self is nearly done and will be going live on the 1st of aug so fingers crossed that all goes well. and thanks for this bit of advice it worked and now running on my test site

  Taran 20:04 28 Jul 2003

If you do want a PDF file instead of a Word ducument, you can download free and shareware utilities that allow you to create one from your existing file.

If you go to (add the w w w. yourself) and search for PDF, then use the filters to refine the search to free solutions, you might be surprised at how many little programs there are that can convert files to PDF without costing you a penny.

If you have complex formating of the document you would always be better off using Adobe Acrobat, but obviously it is an expensive and impractical option for your project.

Hope this helps.



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