inserting family tree into my web site

  Boy Zone 12:33 22 Feb 2008

Can anyone please help.
I'm trying to create a web page using my family tree that I created in Family Tree Maker.
I started off by creating a PDF file and thought I could export this into a web page.
Then I tried to save the PDF as a Htlm file,
This didn't work I could see the tree when I tested the page in Dreamweaver, but when I put the page onto my web site all I got was a "box" as is an image was missing.
How do I get over this problem?
I can't use code within Dreamweaver only design..

  adam.coppard 12:39 22 Feb 2008

See if you can either a) export the family tree as an image. Or write something in dreamweaver, and create a link to the file. It is up to the users browser on how it displays the page. It will either insert the pdf there, or tell them to download it

  Boy Zone 12:45 22 Feb 2008

THanks Adam,
I can create an image, but its not good to view.
I'm not sure how you create a link, other than link it within my web site.
The problem being that Family Tree Maker has loads of boxes which don't seem to load too well, and even within a PDF file dont display.
I'm sure there is someone out there with an answer.

  adam.coppard 15:48 22 Feb 2008

Do you have a scanner?

Print it out, scan it in. Will not be best, but will be easy.


click here

I searched google for pdf to image ocnverter. This is a freeware example. There are dozens out there. Create an image. Put it in the root folder of your site (with the index file) link to it using Dreamweaver etc. (it uses img tags)

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