Inserting blank cd launches Windows media player 9

  Dave 12:21 17 Dec 2004

Recently brought combi cd/dvd player. nu-global DBW-522. Auto insertion notification is ticked. When blank disc is inserted be it CDR or CDRW (In preperation to be formatted) Media player 9 launches. How do I stop this?
I am also having problems finding CD-R discs that are compatable with this drive. CDRW High Speed Disks are OK but have tried various Multispeed CD-R without success. Drive should accept CD-R down to 8 x speed. Media list on the manufacturers web site is usless as all the numbers they quote mean nothing to CDR manufacturer/suppliers. The logo on front of drive has Ultra beside it so I believe it should accept any CD-R from Ultra speed through High speed down to 8 x Speed am I correct?

  Technotiger 13:26 17 Dec 2004

Hi, don't know about the discs but perhaps if you upgraded MP9 to MP10 this might sort out unwanted launch. Just a thought.

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