Inserting addresses into Word

  [DELETED] 22:51 08 Dec 2003

I run XP, Outlook Express, Works and Word (amongst other things). I want to set up an address file to enable me conveniently to insert addresses into Word documents. I've tried accessing the Windows (or is it Outlook Express?) address book but can't make it work.

Is there something I need to know, or do I need to set up a separate address file as a Works database (or spreadsheet)?


  [DELETED] 23:50 08 Dec 2003

Insert an address from an electronic address book
You can insert addresses from the following electronic address books: a Microsoft Outlook Address Book or Contact List, a Microsoft Schedule+ 95 Contact List, or the Personal Address Book. Note that if you've installed Outlook, the Schedule+ Contact List is not available.

The following procedure describes how to use the Insert Address button to insert an address onto an envelope or mailing labels. Keep in mind that this button is also available in other dialog boxes and in some wizards.

On the Tools menu, click Envelopes and Labels.

Click the Envelopes or Labels tab.

Click Insert Address .

In the Show Names from the box, click the address book or contact list you want.

In the Type name or select from list box, enter a name. Or click a name in the list.

For a quick way to insert an address you have used recently, you can click the arrow next to the Insert Address button. Then, click a name in the list.

If you edit an address while you're working in Word, the changes will be saved in the program the address is stored in.

  [DELETED] 12:51 09 Dec 2003

Thanks Tim1964. My problem is that I'm running OE not Outlook and although I have an address book I think it is part of OE, or perhaps part of XP. Anyway, if I follow the procedure you describe using this address book I can't transfer addresses into Word.

I don't know Scedule+ 95 Contact List or Personal Address book. Should I (can I?) use one of these?

Sorry to be so helpless.


  [DELETED] 21:24 09 Dec 2003

I'm using OE as well and I just tried following the help file instructions and it didn't work either. :-(

Hopefully bumping the post back to the top might get a more helpful response

  [DELETED] 21:57 09 Dec 2003

Couple of ways you can do this. If you go into word to Help and look up MAIL MERGE - it will give you very concise instructions on how to set up a DATA SOURCE (this is the address file.

If you wish to use different addresses on a regular basis, you could set them up on AUTOTEXT.

Type the address as normal, highlight the address and then click Tool > Autotext, then select the tab AutoText and type a name for the address in the first box. Then click add and OK.

This will put the address on autotext so that when you type the “tip” word, the full address will appear.

Hope these help


  wee eddie 22:06 09 Dec 2003

I'm afraid it's Copy & Paste for you.

Actually, that could possibly be quicker, if you have OE minimised and ready to rumble

  [DELETED] 10:06 10 Dec 2003

Thanks Tim, Bramblerose and wee eddie. I think from your reples I can see what I have to do. Oh for the simplicity of Locoscript on my old Amstrad 10 - 12 years ago!


  wee eddie 15:01 10 Dec 2003

There are many programs, frequently free, that will do the job. This edition of Computeractive has an article on them.

Outlook Express is the problem.

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