Inserting 1 space between sentences -- auto-correc

  KevinQuinley 18:49 04 Jul 2015

Is there a way to “auto-correct” MS Word to insert just one space between sentences rather than two. Can you point me back to this useful “hack” for those of us in the habit of inserting two spaces? Happy 4th of July! Thanks! Kevin [email protected]

  AroundAgain 19:28 04 Jul 2015

I'm interested in this ;) I always have two spaces between sentences, as taught when I did secretarial training on an old fashioned manual typewriter.

However, I appreciate, when on line or in a forum etc, there are instances when the extra space takes up extra space that is a premium so sometimes I do leave only one space between sentences.

My experience, mostly with non-secretarial trained persons, is that techie folks will insist on only one space. Personally, I prefer to read text that has two spaces between sentences and two line spaces between paragraphs.

Old habits can be hard to break! ;)

As for any solution, I will follow this post with interest. :)

  wee eddie 19:58 04 Jul 2015

I'm with Around Again. Just a smidgen more elegant

  bumpkin 19:59 04 Jul 2015

* I prefer to read text that has two spaces between sentences and two line spaces between paragraphs.*

I agree, it makes reading the text much easier. What we seem to be heading to is large blocks of text with little punctuation making it hard work to read and often difficult to understand. I was taught punctuation at school but now it no longer seems to matter to many people. I have also noticed that this site will auto correct a double space.

  lotvic 23:10 05 Jul 2015

Found this info about the spacing between sentences and the options available with proofing, grammar, auto-correct click here

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