"Insert Windows 98 CD ROM" message appears

  [DELETED] 16:05 23 Nov 2003

Hi there
Just bought game controller, but when I plug it into USB socket a message comes up asking me for Windows 98 CD-ROM. But apparently PC's don't come with this anymore and I can't find one at home.
I have something called a recovery disk, but when I phoned the shop I got the controller from they said DON'T insert this because it will reset everything.
When I clicked OK without inserting anything, another box came up giving me options like 'skip file' and other options.
Some advice would be appreciated

  woodchip 16:10 23 Nov 2003

You should have a Driver CD with the Hardware

  T0SH 17:22 23 Nov 2003

Try this uninstall, any software that came with the game controller ,go into device manager remove any entries listed as "Unknown" or with Yelow" exclamation marks and any other entries associated with your game controller
Then unplug the controller from your USB port and restart the computer

Now goto Start, Search/Find Files & Folders, type *.cab in the box then search the C:\ drive
this should find the Windows Cab files that would be copied during the install

They would normally be found in the

C:\Windows\Options\Cabs Folder but not always

Now follow the install instructions, or put in the drivers CD and let it autorun, when prompted plug in the USB device this time when you are prompted for the Windows 98 CD chose the browse option and steer the installer to where the search found the Windows Cab Files

I hope this helps

Cheers HC

  [DELETED] 20:59 25 Nov 2003

Hi again
Cheers for your advice TOSH and Woodchip. I followed your advice TOSH but am still stuck. The problem is there is nothing installed at all to do with game controller. According to the controller instructions, when Windows is running I plug controller into USB terminal. Then I get a couple of windows saying finding driver etc, then the message comes up about inserting Windows CD-ROM (which I haven't got) even before anything has been installed.

If I click OK without inserting anything I get another box with an option to "skip file". Should I do this, or is it risky? Spoke to someone recently who said not to do this if it asks for Windows CD-ROM.
Some help if possible

  [DELETED] 21:02 25 Nov 2003

... but here goes.

1) Plug USB Controller in

2) Prompt Appears. Click BROWSE. Navigate to C:\Windows\Options\Cabs. Click OK

3) Drivers should now be installed from that folder.

  [DELETED] 21:03 25 Nov 2003

Basically the C:\Windows\Options\Cabs Folder IS you Windows 98 CD.

  woodchip 08:17 26 Nov 2003

You do not need the Win98 disc it's the CD drivers you got with the hardware it's looking for, you should only put that disc in

  [DELETED] 08:23 26 Nov 2003

The only thing is under Win 98 even with the driver disk devices still occassionally ask for the Win98SE CD - like when i installed a Modem yesterday.

Also Adam Patrick seesm convinced its asking for the Win98SE CD.

  woodchip 14:21 26 Nov 2003

It does ask for the Win98 disc but it's the hardware Wizard that's doing the asking. If you put it in it cock’s it all up

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