Insert a Navigation Menu from a "Library"

  Chillie 11:48 21 Aug 2009

Really would appreciate some help and advice.

I run a small website (definitely not the best, but it serves its purpose) for my village click here. The navigation area uses Suckerdown Dropdown menu system. All is well until I want to add a new menu item, then I have to edit every page to amend the menu.

Is it possible to have the menu in a separate document and let each page call if from say, a Library Folder; similar to say, in Basic – calling a sub-routine

Is this possible in HTML?

Many thanks


  Chillie 20:10 21 Aug 2009

Originally used HTMLGATE Free. Now using HTML-Kit.

Perhaps, I haven't explained my problem correctly. Every page has the Navigation Menu. So when I want to add another page say for the 'Boy Scouts', I currently go through each page and amend the menu to show the link to 'Boy Scouts'. I am hoping that HTML will allow me to have the Menu Layout on a separate HTML page stored say in the folder Library. Each page will then call the Menu from the Library - similar to Basic or Cobol computer progamming where a Routine is called by any part of the program thus making it unnecessary to key in the routine every time it is needed.

Hope this gives a better idea of what I would like to do.

Many thanks


  Chillie 16:41 22 Aug 2009

The way forward appears to be SSI (Server Side Includes). I found these 2 whilst Googling - click here and click here.

I shall contact my Hosts and confirm that they use IIS Servers and then have a go!

Could you advise please whether I can name my html file with the suffix 'asp'? It seems this is a requirement. Or is 'asp' a separate web language?

Many thanks


  DippyGirl 16:45 26 Aug 2009

You may be better using something like NetObjects Fusion - you can download the older versions free from click here or it is often a giveaway on Computer Mags

This will allow you to set up you site so that when you add a page it appears in all navigation bars on all pages

You may have to spend some time initially setting the site up but once there, amendments - even quite large ones - are simple
I think there is an import function , though I have never used it

  DippyGirl 16:47 26 Aug 2009

Sorry didnt spot this was marked as resolved

  Chillie 18:19 26 Aug 2009

but thanks for your suggestion.


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