Insert a link in an email

  Silly Me 14:29 09 Dec 2004

How do you do this? I have received one called A Trip Down Memory Lane as follows which I would like to pass on. Layman's language please, ta.

Click here: U_thrill_me - Page: 1 of 1

  Fellsider 14:37 09 Dec 2004

Go to:-


select 'Creating and sending E-mail messages'

then 'Inserting items into an e-mail message'

Include a sound.......
Insert a picture......
Insert a hyperlink...... etc.

  roy 15:42 09 Dec 2004

Not sure if this is what you want to know but right click on the website's address (in the address bar) and select 'copy'. Go to your email and use Control v (paste). You must also have Send in HTML selected in Outlook Express/Tools/Options/Send.

  Cook2 18:10 09 Dec 2004

roy is right but after right clicking on the address bar and copying, right click in the body of your e-mail and select paste. Then put a space afterwards and the link will change colour. You can do the same with e-mail addresses, right click, copy. Right click paste, then the space, which is important.

  roy 19:02 09 Dec 2004


Ah yes. You are quite right. I forgot to mention the space.

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