Insert disqus commenting system into website I am making using

  Jwbjnwolf 18:53 16 Nov 2011

Hello there! I am creating this website as part of my college work.

I am really enjoying what I am being able to insert into my website but am stuck with how to configure the disqus embedding/comment count codes.

Here is my website. I want to have the whole feedback page for disqus.

I do not know anything of html code, and am using a website builder.

the interface looks like this, and those boxes in the ms office style tabbed toolbar, I just hold whilst drag down to where I want it.

Obviously, I choose the custom html for inserting custom objects, and I drag down to where I want it, and it will then come up with a textbox that I insert the code into.

the site shortname in disqus is "itimpact" and I have the code ready, but I need help configuring.

I would paste the code, but am not sure if am exposed to.

Because I haven't learned about html yet, I just cannot work with the help that they give on the page where you get the code from.

I really want to use disqus as I want people to be able to comment and those comments show up on the page.

If you liked my site and think I have done a good start, I would love it if you could also google plus it if you have google account.

thanks for any help,


  Jwbjnwolf 18:54 16 Nov 2011

and I am using the universal

  Jwbjnwolf 19:03 16 Nov 2011

Trust me!! Got it completed now!

That always happens!! ask for help, then don't need it!! ARRRHHHH!!!

was just missing out taking a few of the instruction lines that should of taken out. any way, posted a test comment, would love to here your feedback on my site.

  Jwbjnwolf 19:06 16 Nov 2011

It is really easy. But I obviously need to learn html if I am going to do web design big time, but don't think will be hugely doing websites for a while yet

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