Insert Date and Day and Month Excel 2007

  tonyq 18:39 11 Mar 2017

Hi,I am trying to make a list(Column)with the date/day for a month(s). e.g in A1 I have the month say March in A2 I want 1st Wed. Is it possible to then drag down to fill the rest of the month with date day?. Help please

  bremner 18:48 11 Mar 2017

In second cell type 1/3/17, in next cell below Right click on bottom left of cell, drag down to cell 33 let go and choose fill series

  bremner 18:50 11 Mar 2017

My mistake click bottom right of cell not left

  tonyq 18:58 11 Mar 2017

bremner, thank you for that, but if possible wanting date plus day e.g 1st Wed or Wed 1st.

  BRYNIT 19:37 11 Mar 2017

If you want the date (1-31) in column "A" and the day in column "B" insert 1 in A1 2 in A2 highlight the two cells and drag down from the bottom right corner to the last date required, insert the day in column B1 (Wednesday) and from the bottom right corner drag down should insert the days of the week.

You could have a read of Excel 2010 for dummies. Note: this is a direct link to a PDF file I found on the web CLICK HERE.

  csqwared 20:07 11 Mar 2017

Select all the cells you might use and then format the cells as (use 'custom' in the Cell Format option) dd-dd-yy you should get 01 Sun 17 (or whatever date you input). dd-ddd-yyyy gives you 01 Sunday 2017. Just format the style you require.

  csqwared 20:08 11 Mar 2017

or if you just want date and day use dd-dd

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