Inline CD Labels

  BigAl127 22:51 05 Nov 2004

I bought some Cd labels from the local market, and was told there was a program/template in XP that would print them perfectly. There are 2 labels per A4 page one label directly (Inline) under the other. Anyone know of label template to match?

e.g. I know offset labels print fine off pressit templates, but they only had inline in stock today.

Thanx in anticipation of any help.

  Salinger 23:02 05 Nov 2004

Generally it is not a good idea to stick labels on CDs, they can unbalance the disk - far better to create an insert and just use a CD Pen to write on the disk.

  woodchip 23:05 05 Nov 2004

you can get a label program that as templates "Presit" includes the device to put the Label on the disc From PCworld

  britto 23:34 05 Nov 2004

click here
try this small and easy prog, select coolbella a4 label on both the left and right template,click on a template to open a search window double click your pic to insert do the same for the other side,then select print on a single page. I have not used the inline paper but this looks like it will do the trick it also has the pressit and other templates.

  wallbash 23:57 05 Nov 2004

Avery (j8676A) cd/dvd labels are 'in-line' and I use them with afterburner and surething.

I note the remark of Salinger about labels, but take the view that any printed label is a work of art compared to a scribble I would make using a cd pen. Ive never had any problems with labels but accept that they could cause problems.

  woodchip 00:01 06 Nov 2004

I have had problems but not out of balance. it's been the sticky that as affected the read side of the CDR's so after some time they will not read

  MIke 08:42 06 Nov 2004

Agree with Woodchip, also had same problems, so now use a pen. Would love to get a cd printer, but they are a bit pricey yet.

  €dstowe 08:52 06 Nov 2004

For a CD printer, check out the Epson R200, R300 etc.

They are also very good photo and general purpose printers as well.

  jakimo 13:04 06 Nov 2004

Theres been many reports of cd label adhesive being the cause of cd reading failure, labels have also been known to lift off the cd (said to be caused by the heat generated when spinning) when in the drive causing complete failure of the drive

  pj123 13:28 06 Nov 2004

I have an Epson R200 which does print direct to CD but I have never used that facility yet. I always use Sticky Labels and have never had a problem. I get my Labels from Choice Stationery at click here

I am guessing but you probably have either Neato A4 or HP A4.

If you want the ultimate CD Label printing programme get yourself off to click here and look at the labelling programme Discus. This prints to almost any label you can find and also now prints direct to CD using the Epson R200, R300 printers.

  MIke 18:06 06 Nov 2004

Thanks €d, I've seen those Epson printers, but only bought a new printer last year... typical isn't it? I was referring to the stand alone printers I've seen in Staples and I believe Argos @ about £100, that use Thermal printing.

PJ123 are you saying that Neato labels cause problems with loss of data? I've used both Pressit labels and Neato, and find discs become very difficult to read or unreadable in quite a short time (6 Months) I've read that solvents in the glue can penetrate the disc and react with the dye layer.

I've experimented, not very scientifically, but have found discs created at the same time, and stored under the same conditions, develop read errors when labels are applied, but when labelled with a cd pen are still readable


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