bluto1 22:48 23 Sep 2007

I recently bought the software for Inksaver 2.0 and installed it
Had I visited our archives I probably wouldn't have bought it because there I learned that it works with Canon, Epsan and HP printers. I use a Lexmark, and apparently it's cartridges are filled,(or part filled) differently.
The item I read in archives was published in 2002. Does anyone know of any changes since then?

This should serve as a good example to those who post here without checking the archives first.
Greatful for any help, bearing in mind that I'll probably change my printer later this year.

  conrail 10:09 24 Sep 2007

it will have Lexmark in there, my wife has a Lexmark, go to start, programs, ink saver, add/remove printer, add printer, it should have your printer in the right hand box, if not close ink saver, install your printer drivers then start again, if your printer is there, double click and it will move to the left hand box and be available next time you print, when running ink saver your printer should be there under current printer, below that there are two tabs, both self explanatory, under the 'current settings' tab at the bottom right there are two boxes to be ticked, 'enable ink saver', and 'ask me before every print job', if you have this one ticked every time you select print, this box will come up and you can select your savings from 0% to 75%

  bluto1 18:55 24 Sep 2007

Thanks for the info. I'll try it later as I've just been told I'm wanted elsewhere. Great!!!

  bluto1 10:06 25 Sep 2007

I tried the method you suggested and my printer still won't print. Everything went well on the installation and when I reached the page that required a tick in 'enable inksaver' etc I ticked both boxes then went for a print job, heard the voice saying 'printer starting' and then nothing. For info, my printer is the X2350, 3-in-1, and I'm using Lexmark ink.(Single Cartridge)
I'm afraid I clicked resolved a little early.
I bought the Inksaver 2.0 from Serif so I'll get in touch and might get some help but as they are the dealer I hold out little hope. I've already been on to Lexmark and had somebody from an Indian call centre try to tell me it won't work because Lexmark cartridges are configured differently. A very general statement I thought.Thanks for your help anyway.

  bluto1 10:47 25 Sep 2007

For further info I've spoken with Serif and I've been told that the version I've got, InkSaver 2.0, doesn't work with all Lexmark products. He asked me to send an e-mail, he'd then talk to the Inksaver people on my behalf and arrange for me to have an update that works. They're great with customer relations at Serif. Now I'm a happy bunny. :)))

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