Inkjet Refill Kits

  Dirk Diggler 16:07 23 Apr 2007

I have a Lexmark X1270 all-in-one and although it was cheap to buy it has done a sterling job for many a month now - but now comes refill time!!

Now I knew Lexmark cartridges were on the pricey side compared to Epsom etc but have noticed you can buy Inkjet Refill Kits (from Tescos of all places)

My question is: has anyone refilled the carts for an X1270 or used the refill kits and how easy / efficient / cost effective are they? (Okay I know that was more than one question lol)

Many thanks

  Dirk Diggler 16:16 23 Apr 2007

I have looked at those but they are still around the £25 mark for a set - bearing in mind I only paid £25 for the all-in-one lol

Will definately go down that road if the refill kits turn out to be a no-go


  wee eddie 16:17 23 Apr 2007

There is a considerable potential to create a great deal of mess with Refill Kits, and does that ink stain!

  Stuartli 16:58 23 Apr 2007

The Tesco refill inkjet bottles are rebadged JR products - or were last time I used them.

Occasionally there is a BOGOF offer on them.

IIRC the Morrison's equivalents are the same, but can't be exact.

By the way I used to use surgical gloves or the clear plastic gloves provided at petrol stations for filling up with diesel fuel to keep the ink off my hands when I refilled a Canon printer's cartridges.

It takes a long time to get rid of the stains...:-)

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