inkjet problems

  dfghjkl 01:57 07 Nov 2004

hello all.i refilled my ink cartridge the other week for the first time,all seemed to go well.last night i printed some photos and it was i went to use it and there was no black so i refilled it the same as before but it wont come cant have dried up could it?any tips on what it could be,or how i can clean jets?
lexmark x1130 multifunction, using 27 colour and number 17 for the black.

  Giggle n' Bits 03:02 07 Nov 2004

used regular. And if the printer is near a radiator even quciker. The Ink itself has not dried up but most likley to be the Cart ink head.

Do you have the Cleaning fluid with your refil kit ? if so take the cart out and soak in a small amount over the rest of tonight, prop it up in some of this fluid in old saucer.

Then or now if you have no ink cleaning fluid, use the lexmark head cleaning tool in the software, not sure if this is on yours though.

So print of about 12 sheet or upto 12 test pages to loosen the cart head up.

just everynow and again lexmark carts will dry up if not used for a while.

  Giggle n' Bits 03:04 07 Nov 2004

JR Inkjet refil come with a small bottle of this cleaning fluid. Its purple in colour and whiffs like paint stripper. Though it isn't paint stripper.

Maplin, PC World, Staples, Currys most likley will have some in if its a sunday rush job.

  Wak 10:56 07 Nov 2004

I could be wrong on this but I think Nos. 27 and 17 are the cartridges containing only half the usual amount of ink. They are cheaper and for only moderate use but they will refill with the full amount of ink when the time comes.
I would also suggest that a lot of people automatically switch the printer on with the computer whether they are going to use it or not.
This puts the cartridges out in the open (ready for use) and they consequently dry out quicker.
If you are not going to print, leave it switched off.

  dfghjkl 11:57 07 Nov 2004

thanks,i will try to soak it and try later.

  dfghjkl 20:10 08 Nov 2004

seems to be ok now,thanks for your help.peter

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