Inkjet printers ink overheated?

  mdshamilton 09:33 24 Jul 2003

Can the ink in an inkjet printer's nozzles dry out in one week?

I have an Epson 600 Colour that is now a little over 5 yrs old. This is in a new home office in the loft, therefore in the recent hot weather it can get very warm up there.

I am having to get the printer to clean it's nozzles nearly once a week now as the ink on printed pages is often faint. Once the cleaning is done then printed pages are quite good quality. My guess is that the heat in the loft is drying the ink in the nozzles. I'm using Epson compatible inkjet cartridges from click here.

Does anyone else have this problem at all? Would the situation improve if I used Epson inkjet cartridges? I will be buying a new PC and printer in September - I can't afford a colour laserjet, can anyone recommend an inkjet printer that will be "heat resistant"?



  -pops- 09:43 24 Jul 2003

I don't think it's due to using non-genuine cartridges.

My view is that it's due to the age of the printer. In its resting position, a printer has it printheads covered by an airtight rubber (or similar) cap to prevent excessive evaporation of ink. With age and use, this seal between the printhead and the cap can fail thus allowing evaporation to take place, this is made worse by the hot environment.

Five years is a very good age for a printer. I think it is time to think about a new one - I don't think a modern one has much chance of lasting five years though!!!


  Smiler 09:43 24 Jul 2003

It is normal and recommended to clean the nozzles once a week otherwise as you have found out the ink dries and clogs the nozzles. Even if you don't normally turn the printer on except to print you should do this once a week for the above reasons. The type of cartridge make no difference. I use comp and Epson but still clean once a week at least. Stay with an Epson printer but consider what you need it for. High quality photos or more general printing. Then choose the best you can afford.

  mdshamilton 12:27 24 Jul 2003

Thanks Smiler. But doesn't cleaning the nozzles use up a lot of ink?

Pops - that sounds like a good explanation for this problem, Once I finish my stock of inkjet cartridges (I bought them last month) I'll retire the printer and go for one of the new all-in-one inkjet printers/scanners/copiers.

  sil_ver 12:49 24 Jul 2003

Cleaning does use a lot of ink. Why not just do a test print regularly if it's likely to stand around doing nothing for a while.

  -pops- 12:58 24 Jul 2003

I do similar to sil_ver.

I hardly use my inkjet printers any more (having a cheap B/W laser) but I make sure I print in colour with my Epson at least once a week. Often, for want of anything else, it's a recipe from the BBC cookery pages. At least then there's something useful produced rather than a load of pointless stripes, dots and dashes.;-))

My Xerox A3 printer lasts longer without using and its once or twice a month pub poster printing keeps it in order. Of course, the printhead in my Xerox is in the cartridge so it's not so much of a problem as with Epson.


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