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  Henmin 19:57 08 Nov 2003

Hi Folks

Can anyone help, please. I'm looking for an inkjet printer that won't cost me an arm and a leg for cartridges.



  Diodorus Siculus 20:05 08 Nov 2003

Generally speaking, the Canon machines are fairly cheap to run; or go for compatibles... that is the cheapest route I think.

But inkjets are never going to be cheap to run the way things are now...

  flecc 20:17 08 Nov 2003

Agreed, there are none that are really much cheaper. For the cartridges to be reasonably priced, the manufacturers would have to make at least some of their profit on the printers instead of often making a loss as at present.

Trouble is, would anyone pay three times as much for a printer that used cheap cartridges thereafter, and would retailers want to support a product which did them out of fat profits on expensive cartridges? The answer to both those rhetorical questions is probably No.

This problem seems to spreading to laser printers as well now, with some of them going as low as ?69 to buy but with fairly pricey cartridges later.

  Henmin 20:21 08 Nov 2003

Hi Diodorus Siculus,

I have 2 Lexmark printers, their cartridges are pretty pricey and I believe there are no compatibles for them. I have tried JRInjet Refill Inks but that can be messy at times. Printers with separate coloured cartridges would they cheaper to run?


  Henmin 20:28 08 Nov 2003

Hi flecc,

So we are at their mercy. I know that the printers are cheaper than the pair of cartridges. I know someone who buys a new printer when his cartridges run out. But then you'll end up with a storeroom of printers



  Wak 20:32 08 Nov 2003

I also have a Lexmark printer and use the INK-TEC refill kits which I find much better and cleaner from click here.
Refill the Black cartridge four times for ?10.00 and refill the colour cartridge ten times for ?13.00.

  Henmin 20:42 08 Nov 2003


Thanks I shall give this a try, indeed so much cheaper. The RJInkjet Refill Inks after about three refill leaked out for some reason. What a time I had to clean it. And they clog the print head too which has to be cleaned, at times soaked in Flush. It's a loosing battle.


  spuds 23:02 08 Nov 2003

Check to see if there is a Cartridge World store, near to your location.They do on the spot refill service at reasonable prices.

You do not mention the Lexmark cartridge types and numbers.One of my printers is a Lexmark, and having shopped around, I was able to find some good prices.

Wak's suggestion with the INK-TEC refill kit is very sound.These kits are supplied with a balancing device, which is a very good improvement on the normal type of refill kits like the JR.

  woodchip 23:12 08 Nov 2003

For carts go hear click here and check the prices

  seedie 10:11 09 Nov 2003

I bought a HP 5550 printer from Argos on Monday from ?59.95 but first I looked at the price of carts. from Tonezone click here

Hve to say I don't do much printing so cart prices are not a great issue but another here has said they're reasonable to run. BTW the printing is superb.


  Daibus 11:09 09 Nov 2003

A few months ago I bought a Canon i850 because it was so highly recommended.

I've not had to replace any of the cartridges yet, but all I can say is that the results are excellent with sharp clear text and excellent colour in the photographs.

When the time comes I presume that the cost of the cartridges will be reasonable, owing to the fact that they are seperate units.

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