Inkjet printer, Epson C66?

  badgery 10:28 06 Sep 2004

Anyone give any advice regarding the Epson C66. I want a printer for home use, few letters and some photos, so this seemed good (having seperate ink tanks) for around £50.
Any drawbacks?

  Simon_P 10:54 06 Sep 2004

One thing I would always advise anyone before getting a new printer is to check the price of replacement ink tanks before buying

Sometimes more expensive printers seem to have cheaper ink (all are too expensive in my opinion)

So considering that the long term running costs could be more.

Some sets of ink can cost almost as much as you pay for the printer in the first place

  rawprawn 11:07 06 Sep 2004

Simon7063 is right, I have just ordered 2 black, 1 cyan, 1 Yellow, 1 magenta from Choice Stationery at a total cost of £13-51p for my Canon i850 which is the best printer I have ever had for good all round home use. Have a look and see what the equivalent woul cost for the Epsom C66 then make a decision.

  Pesala 11:15 06 Sep 2004

click here

It might be wiser to use originals unless you do a lot of printing as blocked printheads might mean replacing the printer. After two years, my Epson C80 is fine with compatibles, though I don't use it very much.

  rawprawn 11:16 06 Sep 2004

Just had a quick look and found the cost to be about £57

  pj123 11:31 06 Sep 2004

I have a Epson C64 printer and the C66 looks to be exactly the same spec. A very good printer, really high quality photo printing on glossy paper. I get my ink and special paper from Choice Stationery at click here and never had any problems so far. Looks like this printer is a bit too new to have compatible ink ready for it at the moment, but if it takes the same ink as the C64 Choice do one of each for £11.98 including VAT and postage or 2 of each for £21.49

  jack 13:32 06 Sep 2004

Yes do consider the running costs.
Compatables are fine or better yet, refills [with chip zapper]
Also take a trial version of Inksaver
this really does work [ buy it if you like it]
click here

  badgery 15:17 06 Sep 2004

Thanks folks,I think ink cartridges seem expensive no matter what printer - it's a racket I guess!
This was one reason I looked for seperate colour ink tanks, at least it helps a bit.

Jack. What is the 'chip zapper'?
rawprawn. offering at £53.36 inc delivery.

  Androcles 15:44 06 Sep 2004

A chip zapper is what is used to reset the microchip in a refilled ink cartridge back to the show as full display.I have an Epson C64 and a very nice machine it is,good quality prints etc. of course as you're finding out the cost of cartridges takes the shine of it a little.I use these people to refill and reset my cartridges at a cost of £6 a time for all colours and durabrite ink,takes about twenty minutes:-click here
Refilling - it makes $$$ and sense and I love doing the rip off merchants out of £21 a cartridge.

  conrail 16:55 06 Sep 2004

I have the c84, pc world had the c84 + c64 at the same price, it comes with a larger capacity black cartridge, when you buy replacement cartridges from any shop you will get the smaller capacity black, the only place I have found for the larger capacity black is click here, a full set including the large black cost me £52 inc p.p, my prev hp used to cost me £60 for 1 black and 1 tricolour

  GroupFC 23:23 20 Sep 2004

For future reference!

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