inkjet printer

  horus22222 22:28 25 Oct 2004

hi i was looking at the HP 1100d, how ever i read a US review which mentioned ink bleading onto facing page in large documents or if any preasure is applied to the document. a local pc shop said this has been an hp problem for a while any comments or advice on this please

  maz2 22:36 25 Oct 2004

I always check the price of the ink before I buy a printer and I'm sure I read somewhere that HP is quite expensive, so check that out, I could be wrong which would be typical but it's worth a thought

  CHAIRLEG 22:54 25 Oct 2004

I have hp1350 psc and have no problems but i do use hp carts.

  Completealias 23:21 25 Oct 2004

We have an older HP printer 815C but the inks are quite exspensive for compatables it costs us £27 for a colour and black yet for my epson C64 I can get a multi pack of black and colour compatables for £11.49. Personally I'd find an epson printer seems to be alot more compatable cheaper ink cartridges available.

  tiny-tim 03:34 26 Oct 2004

Hi, I can't answer exactly about the model of printer you quote, however I run a slightly older HP840C Deskjet, and the quality of printing, including photo printing is superb. It seems that cartridges for HP hardware are generally expensive. I came to buy HP after an expensive mistake of buying an Epson. What a load of rubbish that is; noisy, very very slow and the print quality paled into insignificance compared to HP - nothing like it. That model was'nt cheap either - it was supposed to be (allegedly) a photo printer. Shortly after, the ink ran out (I also understand that although cheaper, Epson cartridges are smaller and are filled less than Hp).
Do remember that the all important print head in an HP printer is built into the cartridge, whereas on Espon machines the print head is built into the printer, meaning that if it gets blocked up after even a short period of inactivity, you're printer is defunct; with the HP, the print head is changed every time a new cartridge is fitted, which is crucial. My almost new boxed Epson is going to the tip.
To conclude though, (and no I don't work for HP!) I'd do more research and even go for a slightly n older model which does have good independant reviews. Printer technology honestly won't be miles better just by buying new - nothing's changed or improved significantly really. Hope that helps. :-)

  Derek 05:38 26 Oct 2004

I have used many HP printers both for home use and for professional use. My present 'office' printer is a Deskjet 1220C and throughput is extensive. Print runs can be in the hundreds and whilst I could have copies done 'in town' quite quickly, I prefer to keep things 'in house' so to speak. I also do a lot of high class photography work with the same printer. Apart from cleaning using advice from HP, I have had no problems.
Use of carts, yes I get through quite a lot and no I don't use HP carts because they raise my costs enormously. I've always used "Euro" and never had problems whatsoever.
Hope this helps.
I hasten to add that I have now ordered a Canon i865 purely for photo work since it's highly recommended by PCA.
Whatever you do, take your time and do research.

  horus22222 09:30 26 Oct 2004

ty,, for comments,it wil be used for semi proffesional. i like the fact it includes a duplexer. the review i mentioned used HP inks the question does not relate to quality of the product it relates to ink bleeding onto facing pages, which this review and a shop owner mentioned. i dont want to produce things and send them out in the post only to be told that it has in some way smudged.

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