Inkjet prinhead cleaning and replacing

  Newuser3975 14:25 29 Jan 2004


Thinking of buying a Canon printer and considering i865 i560 and i450 but have heard tales of their printheads being damaged through drying up. Has anyone experience of any of these printers? How long can these printers be left unused without damage being caused. Can their printheads be manually cleaned or do you have to use the printer utulity and how wasteful of ink is this?

Would I be better off with something like an HP 5150 where the head attached to the cartridge can be cleaned manually? Thanks for any help.

  Sheila-214876 14:37 29 Jan 2004

Now that's a difficult one to answer as everyone will have their own opinions depending on the printer they have. For example I have three Epson printers and I have never had a problem with "dry out". I do tend to run a test print through them all at least once a week though. Not had too much experience of Canon printers, the last one I had (a long time ago) would only print black or colour, you had to change the cartridge every time. For example, if you wanted black you had to put the black cartridge in and if you wanted colour you had to take the black out and put the colour cartridge in. I think they have come a long way since then.

  961 15:20 29 Jan 2004

Having Epson and HP printers I must say that if you use a printer regularly, say several times a week, you may be ok with printheads in the printer. If you use it irregularly, say not at all for 10 days and it is in a warm room, then you may be better with HP

The difference in output is marginal these days and I certainly feel that unless you are going to make thousands of copies the mechanical bits of the printer will last for years. The printhead is the thing to go and with HP you won't have that problem

  toxin 15:28 29 Jan 2004

I've had a Canon BJC8200 for some 4 years now, it's had one new printhead at a cost of about £70 (including a set of 6 ink tanks). Ibelieve today's price is over £80.

In my family we also have an Epson and an HP, and the print quality of the Canon far exceeds the others. I use JetTec compatible ink tanks, at about 1/3 cost of genuine Canon, and with 6 tanks that saving soon mounts.

Bubblejets should not be left idle for too long, and a good test page should be printed weekly; this may use ink, but the cost is negligble compared with a printhead.

I believe HP printheads are part of the cartridge, so every time you buy a new cartridge you're paying for a new printhead,whether it's needed or not.

Check your cartridge prices, and the number of prints expected from each, this will give you some idea of relative cost per copy.

  Djohn 16:02 29 Jan 2004

I have the Canon 850i. A superb printer that comes with four separate ink-tanks. The print head is also separate to the printer and can be changed if necessary. [Easy as 123]. ;o)

Top quality prints and very fast/quiet. The 865i has just replaced this model. j.

  clayton 16:27 29 Jan 2004

I have the i865 & its a great printer, my sister has the canon i450 & she pays £4.80 for a pair of compatable ink cartridges, we have both had no problem with the heads drying out, but it can be a problem if you dont use the printer for a few weeks on canon & epson printers.

  david4637 16:38 29 Jan 2004

I have a Canon s630 (2 Years old) and some times print once every two weeks- no problem. Canon printers take some beating. David

  scorpio34 17:11 29 Jan 2004

I recently replaced the cartridges and after only a short time the colours and the b/w all faded so now the head travels across and back but nothing comes out.
I've tried cleaning the heads several times in a row but this doesn't work.
Any suggestions?

  Newuser3975 12:04 01 Feb 2004

Thanks everyone for taking the time and trouble to give me advice. Have since been told by Canon UK that these printers can be left powered up and they will do an automatic head clean every 72 hours. Wonder if the computer also needs to be on?

  961 14:02 01 Feb 2004

Who wants to leave their printer switched on all the time?

  Sheila-214876 16:25 01 Feb 2004

961. I do. I have 3 Epson printers working on USB on two computers. I was told by the Epson Helpline that if you switch them off and then switch them on to print they go through a routine which wastes ink before they start printing. If you leave them switched on all the time they don't go through the initialisation routine so don't waste ink. My printers are now never switched off.

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