Inkjet Cartridges - Original or Compatible

  Border View 23:26 28 Mar 2012

I have a stand alone Canon iP4300 printer. I have always used original Canon cartridges but even on a VAT free site these have gone up to nearly £12 each (takes 5). Printer is about three years old.

Can I please have your views on whether or not to go with the much cheaper compatible cartridges.

  rdave13 23:44 28 Mar 2012

I've always used compatibles for my epson from Inkredible with no duds as yet. Had a look for your printer, canon inks so may be worth trying them out by just getting one pack to try? Or search for other sellers.

  Border View 23:54 28 Mar 2012

Thanks for responding rdave13. Think I shall give compatibles a go. Thanks also for the link.

  ICF 08:59 29 Mar 2012

I have a canon ip6600D and get my compatibles from here and have never had any probs

  Taff™ 12:24 29 Mar 2012

I still have an IP4000 and buy from this site. Your cartridges are available and I recommend the Jet-Tec multipack. Complete set for less than £20 (Note a postage charge is included in this.) Valueshop Cartridges for IP4300

  Ian in Northampton 14:00 29 Mar 2012

I never had any problems with Epson compatibles. The same is not true, however, for my HP printer. I guess it can vary from one printer manufacturer to another.

  Border View 17:10 29 Mar 2012

Thanks for responding everyone. In the end I looked on Amazon and went with a company called More Inks. I have only ordered one pack and will see what they are like.

Thank you for all your recommendations.

  frybluff 17:24 29 Mar 2012

I've had a Canon MP640 for a couple of years, and always used compatibles, but kept getting "Ink cartridge not found" errors, for random, different cartridges. Tried different suppliers, same problem. Before taking printer to repair man, thought I'd splash out £50 on a set of CANON cartridges. Lo and behold, no more problems!! Coincidence??

  Taff™ 08:24 30 Mar 2012

frybluff - not a coincidence at all. The fact of the matter IMHO is that some of the compatibles are just not up to standard wherever you buy them from. Usually it is the chip on them at fault however the quality of the inks also vary a great deal.

I bought a new Epson via Amazon marketplace which arrived with compatibles not the Epson Originals. The supplier had substituted them presumably to sell the Epson Originals at a greater profit. The inks just packed up within weeks with cartridge error messages. The printer went back.

Similarly, having bought another printer from the high street with genuine cartridges, a compatible set from Amazon marketplace were so poor quality that I threw them away.

I now buy recognised quality compatibles and my recommendation of Jet-Tec is one of those. As are Think cartridges available from Choicestationery. It will be interesting to see what feedback we get about More Inks. They are certainly cheaper than Jet-Tec but will they be better?

  alankearn 10:28 30 Mar 2012

I agree with the previous poster "Taff" about Jet-Tec ink cartridges. They are a little on the dear side but I have found them very good over the 3 to 4 years I have used them.

  Border View 11:09 30 Mar 2012

Good Morning,

I had a look at Jet-Tec website and it looks as though you cannot buy the cartridges online (I may be wrong and stand to be corrected). It looks like the nearest place I can buy them is in Laura Street, Sunderland. No indication of price either. Will go back to the web site and see if I can get any further information.

Thank you for the information.

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