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  jack 14:21 06 Oct 2005

Who knows about Inks and stuff?

I know there are Dye based inks and Pigment
based ink
So far as I can tell when purchasing carts for a particular printer- you get what you are given
Dye or Pigment not a choice
So I infer from that then the 'Engines' of printers are designed for either or not both.

Browsing an 'Ink shop' web site I notices that whilst the Epson R800/820 has the option of a
'Photo 'black in addition to 'standard black
No such option is offered for the R200/300
So can you mix and match? or will yourick wreking your machine.

  Bagsey 17:32 06 Oct 2005

Go to click here and get your carts from there. Cheap and a guarantee that they will fix or replace your printer if their carts wreck it. I use them for my R300 printer and have done for about 2 years with very good results.

  Meshuga 17:41 06 Oct 2005

I agree with Bagsey. I have used that firm for years and they are first class.

  Totally-braindead 18:43 06 Oct 2005

Agree with both the above I've used Choice cartridges exclusively on my Epson 680 for the past 4 or maybe even 5 years with good results. Just bought a new all in one though, got it today a DX3800 so far I'm very impressed with it, unfortunatly I rather foolishly didn't check that Choice did this cartridge. Its a new printer and a new cartridge and they don't do it yet so I'll have to use Epson ones or another make of compatible until Choice start making them.

You can't mix and match cartridges, you must use the ones for your printer, you'd probably find they are different sizes and even if they're not your printer wouldn't recognise it. So stick with the cartridges for your printer.

  €dstowe 18:56 06 Oct 2005

Ink cartridges are each designed differently for each engine so you cannot interchange them. You should never refill cartridges yourself with ink not designed/recommended for that printer as they will not work correctly.

Photo black ink in the Epson 800 series is not a deep black but a grey shade intended to give better rendition on monochrome photos - in the same way you get pale magenta and cyan for colour pics. You cannot use photo black as a replacement for black.

  jack 19:48 06 Oct 2005

Bagesey/Meshuga/Totally Braindead
Thank you all for the Choice recommendation - again
are you folk of commission or something?
Seriously though it was not a supplier I am on about.
It is ink technology holds my curiosity
So thanks to €D Stowe
In this instance why in a family of machines that are 'seemingly similar -the R800 does have an extra colour so there differences but what other difference could there be that allows for photo[light] black cart to be interchanged
Software thats for sure.
This is curiosity and the quest to add to knowledge, thats all.

  €dstowe 20:11 06 Oct 2005

In a colour printer there is no need for a black cartridge at all - in fact some lower end printers don't have black but have it produced by a combination of the Y, C and M. This method is not the best as there is almost always a colour cast.

It used to be that the light black was detected and differentiated by a pin on the cartridge which operated a small switch on the carrier but it is now probably done by the chip that so many cartridges have.

  jack 10:42 07 Oct 2005

Thank you €dstowe- that could be an explanation
certainly seems a likely scenario.

  rsfackrell 16:52 07 Oct 2005

datasafe dsr300 - iso9001 quality

6=yell + 1 in printer + 1 epson refill
6=lc + 1 in printer
6=c + 1 in printer
6=lm + 1 in printer
6=m + 1 in printer
9=b + 1 in printer

+ r200 printer in box and all accs £40

i can't get printer to align properly on the black ink, otherwise perfick working order - the inks are worth more than the asking price!

email= [email protected]

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