Ink Saver software

  realist 11:39 26 Dec 2005

This can be got on eBay for a few pounds, but does it really make a measurable difference to ink consumption?
Now my grandson's got the hang of using the printer I'm drying up fast!

  alexgray104 12:16 26 Dec 2005

I think it depends on the brand you have, sometimes a differance can be seen but it is really noticeable. Thats what I have found with Ink saver software on my pc anyway, I don't know about everybody else.

  alexgray104 12:16 26 Dec 2005

I'm sorry I don't seem to be able to type today - a differance is RARELY noticeable, contary to what I typed before!!

  Peter 12:48 26 Dec 2005


I don't know anything about Inksaver software, but you could try using the draft or economy setting in the printer driver.

Also, have you considered using compatible cartridges? If not, try somewhere like click here for prices and supply.


  spuds 12:51 26 Dec 2005

Check that your printer is compatible with Inksaver. Most HP,Epson and Canon will work with it, other makes like some Lexmark, Dell, are not recommended. Serif were selling this at one time for £9.95,as a promotional offer. PCW use to stock it as well.

  jack 14:25 26 Dec 2005

It works fine on my Epson R300
It can be downloaded as a trial from
click here
click here.

Another way to save ink is to always use the 'Inkjet transparency' setting when selecting paper type
This reduces ink flow considerably, yet still give usable print - I print high quality images on photo gloss with this setting, if anythintg the result is brighter.

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