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  biker24 17:05 05 Jul 2008

I have a HP PSC 2355 all in one printer, And have just purchased a refill from Cartridge World, Trouble is the printer is still saying the cartridge is empty, Is there a way of resetting the printer or cartridge, Any help would be appreciated.

  FatboySlim71 17:27 05 Jul 2008

Unless you can buy a ink cartridge chip reseter I would expect that you will still have the printer telling you the cartridge is empty, I would expect that you could ignore the empty cartridge message and continue to use the printer though.

I have tried compatible inks and refills in my HP printer but I find that none of them are as good has buying the original HP ink cartridges. I found the compatibles to be almost as expensive as the original HP ones, I had print problems and no amount of head cleaning sorted it out. In all the time I have used original HP ink cartridges I have never had to do a head clean!

Also with HP printers the printhead is on the ink cartridge and these were designed in a way that everytime the cartridge was replaced so was the printhead, so you may find that after a few refills the printhead will start to give you problems/will have wore out (my friend had this problem).

My experiences and problems have learned me to just buy the original HP inks now, I know they are more expensive but IMO a cartridge that either doesn't print out correctly or causes you problems is not worth the money saving.

  benson68 17:51 05 Jul 2008

For Epson printers, there's a program called SSC, that overrides the chip. Perhaps there's one for yours somewhere?
What normally happens is,
the printer counts all the dots that it has printed, & when it gets up to a pre-determined figure, it says that it's empty. It doesn't matter that you've just filled it up. It'll only let that certain amount of ink pass through.
SSC stops the counter.
Some ink companies sell chip resetters, but the last one I saw was for £19.99 !! These only work with the original cartridges I think.

  sinbads 17:57 05 Jul 2008

HP printers have some kind of cartridge number reconition if you have had your original cartridge refilled it will still reconise it as the empty one, if you have another HP cartridge and you rotate them your printer will reconise them as different cartridges and hence change the reset.

I have used cartridge world for my refills never had any problems, I've done a lot of graphic printing etc, the only difference i've found is HP's overpriced cartridges.

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