ink just spews out of cartridges

  Norbs 13:50 16 Dec 2015

I was given a Canon Pixma ip4850 with some ink left in it. At first when I tried it out, it printed 2 pages, but I noticed the ink was being used up very fast. I ordered some more ink cartridges, replaced those that were empty and managed to print only 1 page. Now printer is now making lots of noise (like something is happening); paper not jamming but paper doesn't go through, but ink just spews out of cartridges at an alarming rate and doesn't print. Any help to overcome this problem would be most appreciated.

  RV510 14:07 16 Dec 2015

Either give it back to the person who gave it to you or dump it, it will be uneconomical to repair costing you more than double the price of a new one. Go and buy a new printer and spend a little more in purchasing an extended warrantee.

  alanrwood 09:27 17 Dec 2015

As RV510 says, it is not worth repairing when you can buy an all in one for less that £40.

  spuds 10:22 17 Dec 2015

"I was given a Canon Pixma ip4850 with some ink left in it."

And there might lay the problem. Whoever gave you the printer, probably knew the item was beginning to have some problems, and it just wasn't worth bothering with any further.

Likes been said previously, perhaps time to 'recycle' the item to the local tip. Unless you want to experiment with it, and dismantle it, but be warned, it's going to be very messy.

  Norbs 16:17 18 Dec 2015

Got printer from one of these freecycle/recycle site. Yes, it could have been faulty in the first place why the person gave it away/got rid of it. If I'm going to give something away and it has a fault, I will let people know of the fault and offer it as spares or repair. But not everyone is honest... I got another one of the same Canon (the ip5200 model) for my friend, from another person, from same site. It was still in the box and hardly used. That was also low on ink, so I bought some ink for it; and that works like a dream!

Going back to mine... I don't want to buy a new printer; and there's a few reasons for that: It'll be waste of money, as I may only use it once or twice a year, as all my correspondence are send by email and other social media. So, when printer/s not use the ink just dries up. I like these printers because the ink is cheap, prints on CDs/DVDs as well, gives very good print, compatible with windows 10, the ink is very cheap and I'd love the challenge of repairing it, as I'm a computer engineer...well college trained/experience, with most of my experience is self taught and help from people on other websites like this, such as Fixya & TomsHardware, etc. Oh yeah; it also gives me great satisfaction to repair...anything. If I don't get any help, I'll just strip it down and try to repair it myself. And, I just bought load of in for it.

  Secret-Squirrel 17:15 18 Dec 2015

....but ink just spews out of cartridges at an alarming rate..

Is the ink spewing from the cartridges or the printhead? There's a big difference. If it's the latter then that's a sign of a faulty printhead, but it is a user-serviceable part and can be replaced easily. You may be able to find a nearly-new one on eBay perhaps. That doesn't however explain why the paper isn't going through.

  Bris 18:47 18 Dec 2015

Man after my own heart.

Two options: chuck it away or repair it. You learn nothing by chucking it away and if you have a go at repairing it then you may get lucky. If you dont mind the waste of time if you fail then you have lost nothing whereas if you fix it you get a feeling of satisfaction and know that you are helping to save the planet!

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