Ink jey versus photocopier costs

  johnincrete 15:01 06 Oct 2014

At my daughter's school, we make about 2000 copies a month with perhaps 3/4 being photocopies from documents or books. Only occaisionally are the copies coloured. The copy is quite a full page. Currently, to photocopy, we scan and print with a Canon ip7250 ink jet or Samsung ML2160 laser. Our perception is that the ink jet runs out of ink quickly and the toner cartridge does not last as long as we expected. The ink jet needs replacing after about 18 months due to print head failure: it cost 75Euro.

We are looking to convert all the photocopying to use a photocopier.

Has anyone any idea of the cost of photocopiers versus ink jet/laser printers?

  spuds 16:23 06 Oct 2014

I have looked at Google, and there is quite a bit about comparisons, far to many to link here. So perhaps best if you looked up some information on Google, if you get no responses. Here's one article to browse click here

  Ian in Northampton 16:26 06 Oct 2014

AFAIK, the technology used in laser printers and photocopiers is broadly similar. As such, I'd expect running costs to be comparable.

  Daiol 21:48 06 Oct 2014

Hi.Why don't you convert the Canon ip7250 printer to a continues ink supply. Have a look here... click here have been using this system for a long time with no problems.I do quite a lot of photo copies colour and b/w. Good luck. David.


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