Ink-Jet Printer Cleaning

  [DELETED] 09:22 12 Nov 2003

I've seen these for Laser Printer but can you get them for Ink Jet Printers? Sheets of Cleaning Paper designed to clean the dust and muck from the inside of the printer where the paper goes through.

I have two cats (and dog) and occasionally i find the rollers in my Canon S630 get fluff and fur on them leaving nice streaks down the page as the wet ink is mopped up from the top of a page and then deposited down the page as it rolls over the page. I can clean them with a cotton bud and Isopropanol how ever you can only get the rollers to spin when power is applied and if the printer is opened the cartridges move in the way so its a pain...

Any ideas??

  [DELETED] 09:37 12 Nov 2003

I didn't know you get cleaning paper for laser printers, but I assume it cleans the surplus? toner off the drum, you could try it on your inkjet I suppose. Have heard that a big sheet of blotting paper cut to A4 and Form fed through an inkjet wil pick a lot of stuff but never tried it. others swear by a sheet of very fine wet&Dry paper, the kind for rubbing down a car prior to painting, can be useful. Top feeding printers are obviously more prone to dirt pick-up so a cover might be useful when printer is not in use?

Be interesting to hear what others say.

  [DELETED] 11:47 12 Nov 2003

Think HP and Epson sell cleaning sheets for their inkjet printers - have a look in places like PCW or the respective online stores.

Using compressed air may be sufficient for you to blow out the fluff and like.

  [DELETED] 12:15 12 Nov 2003

Cheers. Whilst i can use Compressed air some of the fluff is mixed with ink so it's stuck. It also get pressed into the rollers too.

I'll try our local Rymans....

Cheers again

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