Ink head cleaning and wastage, false economy?

  spmilligan 16:08 30 Aug 2006

Hello, I have a Epson Stylus CX3600, I buy the ink refills online (as recommened in another thread). However before I can print a photo i have to clean the heads, which in itself isnt too much of a problem, but today i had to repeatedly clean the heads as the test page kept showing gaps in the colours. It was that bad it went through a refill of each colour before it was ready, thus negating the expense of buying cheap. I know you all saying "you get what you pay for" but is it really false economy. Is there an easier way without wasting the ink or should i go back to buying bonafide Epson colours

  johndrew 17:09 30 Aug 2006

You could buy some head cleaner and use an `old` cartridge (suitably cleaned) to wash the heads out properly. Provided you then re-charge with a full ink cartridge - to remove the residual cleaner - the printer should work as new.

  Jackcoms 20:19 30 Aug 2006

Or remove the head/s and wash out the redidual ink under warm running water

  BT 08:02 31 Aug 2006

Have you ever tried to get the heads out of an Epson Printer. Its possible but not easy!

  pj123 18:29 31 Aug 2006

When you say you are "refilling" do you mean you are refilling the existing cartridges or you are using ready filled compatible cartridges?

By doing continuous head cleaning all you are doing is dumping ink into the waste pads, which will eventually stop your printer working altogether.

I have two Epson R220 printers which I have "modded" to dump the waste ink in to a container outside of the printer, but I have to say I have never had to do a head clean since I performed this "mod".

I have never had any problems with compatible cartridges from Choice Stationery.

Cleaning cartridges from Choice for your printer are £2.80 for each which might be worth a try.

I now have a CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) installed on both my printers so I don't have to replace the cartridges anymore. All I do now is top up the ink reservoirs as and when needed.

  spmilligan 22:45 31 Aug 2006

pj123, When refilling I mean putting new compatible carteidges in. Also the waste pads, do they need replacing/cleaning etc. Thanks so far everyone, i will be looking into the suggestions above.

  palinka 18:44 02 Sep 2006

spike65, friends of mine had the same problem (tho i can't remember which model of epson). Eventually they gave up the struggle and bought a new printer (Epson, alas, alas!) and guess what, first thing they had to do was run the head cleaner before it would print anything! This accounts for my jaundiced view of Epsons.
Their problem was compounded by them keeping it in a hot room, next to a radiator, and using very seldom.

  jack 20:06 03 Sep 2006

Are you really getting blobket jets.
Here are two tips
1.In an image Editor/Art program make a page with solid bands of colour
Red/Blue/Yellow /Black

And print it- this will force full colour through the heads.

2. Make a cleaning device with a small[refill] syringe and fine tubing -old ball pen refill cleaned out perhaps.
Remove the cartridge[s].
Fill the syringe with popular alcohol based window cleaner or even Vodka
fix the tube over the spigot[ the spike the goes into the cartridge] and pump the syringe back and forth until he contents has changed colour clean syringe repeat for each colour
reload cart and give it a whizz.
Also click here. com the Epson utility is useful.
take a look at click here too

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