ink cartridges

  snow baby 13:18 03 Jul 2004

i need new ink cartridges for my "lexmark"1150 printer.where can i get the best buy.are compatibles ok,as it is still under warranty.thank you.snow baby

  carper 13:26 03 Jul 2004

I've found very good with excellent prices and delivery

  Old Shep 13:27 03 Jul 2004

Don't forget your warranty will be void if you use compatables.

  Wak 13:51 03 Jul 2004

Try click here
They will replace your printer if any of their products causes problems or if the warranty is voided by the manufacturer but please read their guarantee to confirm for yourself.
An excellent company with very good products.
I always use them for refilling my Lexmark cartridges.

  spuds 14:52 03 Jul 2004

I use Lexmark cartridges. New originals from click here Compatibles from click here or click here

With compatibles, a 'respected' company will cover the warranty on the printer, if their product proves faulty.

  Bowsprit 15:04 03 Jul 2004

I had Epson engineer at house to repair printer.During repair he said "I see you use compatable cartridges,i use them as well,there's a hell of a difference in price,eh! That was ten days ago.

  Daz35 15:06 03 Jul 2004

click here

I use HP carts and they are almost half the price to what I would normally pay from retail shops.

  beattyben 16:19 03 Jul 2004

I also have a Lexmark printer (Z708, still under warranty)in addition to an Epson C80. I agree with Wak, choicestationery are a very good company, fast and reliable service as well as being very cheap. I'm not sure though how well Lexmark cartridges fare with refill kits, can anyone advise?

  Wak 19:23 04 Jul 2004

I have a Lexmark X75 and have just started my second pair of refill kits from choicestationery
The cartridges still print as if new so you can judge for yourself.
The trick is to refill them as soon as they show signs of becoming empty and don't give them a chance to dry out.

  snow baby 01:27 20 Jul 2004

thanks for your advice everyone.snowbaby

  accord 07:31 20 Jul 2004

shop around on the net. i have just looked at choice stationery and on my HP carts, they are more expensive for a compatible cart than the original cart i bought from pcnextday.

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