Infrared webcam

  Graham ® 19:45 14 Nov 2005

Can anyone recommend a budget USB Infrared equipped webcam, please?

I know this is Consumerwatch territory, but I thought I would get a fast response in Helproom.

  ACOLYTE 19:52 14 Nov 2005

click here they start off cheap and rise.

  Graham ® 20:03 14 Nov 2005

Thanks, I will browse Maplin.

The project is to see inside a cat pen to see if the cat is present, so I can secure her for the night. I thought an infrared light would not alarm her too much.

click here for the background.

  ACOLYTE 20:20 14 Nov 2005

Nice cat pen,any of my 3 cats would love it,that is if you could get them outside they are house cats now,lol they dont like the cold weather,well done with millie and good luck wth the project.

  Graham ® 21:02 14 Nov 2005

On the back burner 'til the morning. Millie's secured for the night.

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