Infrared port messes up my computer!!

  waydekirrane 12:53 11 Dec 2003

Ages ago I installed an infrared dongle onto my PC via USB. Ever since it has caused me problems! Firstly the modem started playing up and now i have a bluetooth port and that seems to be getting affected by the ir. i have tried it to uninstall and delete any traces of it numerous times, but it just doesn't seem to go away! anyone have any ideas how i can get rid of it completely!!?

  igk 14:28 11 Dec 2003

You could try going into your bios (check which key to press at bootup screen)and find the reference to IR there,disable it and then when in windows uninstall the software.hope this helps.

  waydekirrane 17:02 11 Dec 2003

that reminds me. my bios requires a password. think it was put on there by the guy who made my computer! he's long gone. is there any way round this?

  igk 14:45 12 Dec 2003

Removing password in bios,first offer a quick prayer in the hope that your mobo maker has allowed the facility to do this (not all do):find your motherboard handbook it should tell you the jumper for "clearing cmos" failing this remove your cmos battery on the mobo for 5 mins or so,but go the jumper route if possible,if you do not have mobo book you will have to take a close look at your mobo to find the jumper it should be near to the cmos battery and marked something like clear cmos.when this is done replace battery (if you removed it) reboot and go into bios to reset everything,time,date etc (make sure you do the time,date as it will effect any date sensitive progs like antivirus or time limited progs etc. hope this helps.

  Quiller. 15:21 12 Dec 2003

igk excellent advise will get round the password for the bios and you should now be able to access it. There will be no settings that you want to alter in there for your USB IrDa.

This is because it works off the USB connection to the computer and not the Ir connector on the motherboard.

USB IrDa software writes an entry into the startup files, so it is available at full desktop load. Go to start-msconfig and pick the start-up tab. Now look for the reference to the IrDa device, untick this and reboot. You will now be able to delete the last of the software files.

  waydekirrane 11:06 15 Dec 2003

thanks guys. i found a list of common bios passwords and 1 of them worked so that's that solved. i'll try to take ir off start up when i get home tonight.

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