Infrared-laptop-IR printer

  vinnyobee 07:10 23 Nov 2008

Hi all,I have a flue gas analyser which only has infrared as a way of printing its results,you can get a little rubbishy compatible printer,but they are £175 upwards!,anyway I have a Toshiba P100 laptop (no IR) and an infrared dongle from Maplins,I have installed the drivers but the laptop dosent seem to have the ir icon on the control panel and dosent print when the analyser sends IR,this analyser will work with a HP82240B calculator printer,so I know the printer dosent have to be dedicated,can anyone help with IR-laptop side of things?
Thanks in advance.

  Pineman100 10:03 23 Nov 2008

I know nothing about IR, other than the fact that (I think) the communication between devices has to be line-of-sight. Presumably you have things arranged so that the computer's dongle can "see" the analyser?

Do you know in what format the data is exported from the analyser? Are you sure that you have the appropriate software on your computer to handle that format?

  mgmcc 10:39 23 Nov 2008

If the Ir dongle is installed properly, there should be an icon for it in Control Panel. Try reinstalling and rebooting.

Also, in the back of my mind, I seem to recall that Microsoft changed the way Ir is implemented in XP from IrCOMM (where Infrared emulates a serial COM port) to IrOBEX (which is Object Exchange over an Ir link). If using XP, you may need to implement IrCOMM protocol click here

Even if you do manage to get the two devices communicating over Infrared, there is still the problem of accessing the printer. With another PC, this would involve networking the two and "sharing" the printer over the network. How a stand-alone device such as you have could access a printer connected to a PC, I've no idea.

There are Infrared printer adapters to allow an Ir device to print directly to a printer, but the ones I've managed to find all tend to be for printers with a Centronics parallel port, not USB.

  T0SH 11:40 23 Nov 2008

If you have installed the IR dongle correctly it will show in device manager under Infrared Devices

in control panel it will show as a tab on clicking the Wireless Link icon

If both are correct and turned on when an active IR device is brought within range an Icon should pop up in the system tray beside the clock

In my experience on laptops with built in IR this feature is normally turned off by default to save battery power

Cheers HC

  vinnyobee 18:47 23 Nov 2008

Thanks for all your help guys, I knew it would be tricky,the laptop has the ir device listed under `device manager`,but there is no red icon on the taskbar,but I do remember seeing the post about this ir protocol thingy,thanks again for that, the printer I want to use is a sipix that uses 1.0 ir protocol.

  nalagnik 19:48 16 Mar 2009

vinnyobee: I would like to do the same thing i.e connect a Kane KM800 gas analyzer IR printout to a PC instead of buying an IR printer. I wonder if you managed to solve the problem with your IR to USB convertor device and some particular IR driver.

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