Infra red connection

  anniesboy68 14:56 12 Apr 2005

Ive just bought a usb infra red adaptor to connect my laptop [which has infra red] to my main computer. Now what do I do as I have no idea. Can anyone enlighten me please, in language easy to understand. Anniesboy68, [now going on 72]
PS this has been posted under the networking forum but with no reply yet!

  Yoda Knight 15:17 12 Apr 2005

did u get any software with the connector ?

  Technotiger 15:25 12 Apr 2005

Hi, I have usb infra red too on my XP, I normally use it for my Nokia Mob Phone, but having read your question made me wonder too. I have a IBM Thinkpad with infra red, so I switched on laptop and held the infra red window close to the infra red on my PC - bingo, both infra red's activated automatically - no software needed.
First time I have ever done it too.


  Technotiger 15:28 12 Apr 2005

Me again - continuing my experiment, I then clicked on the Ir icon on PC taskbar and a window came up giving me the oportunity to transfer files to laptop (and visa-versa with laptop).

So go ahead, it is really easy.


  Technotiger 15:33 12 Apr 2005

Then, when you have finished and you move the laptop out of range of the PC both Ir's automatically disconnect.

btw, I am chasing 71, so not far behing you.


  anniesboy68 15:38 12 Apr 2005

Yoda Knight..yes, its activated ok in device manager, problem is...I think with the laptop

  anniesboy68 16:16 12 Apr 2005

Iv'e give up!!!!

  Technotiger 16:25 12 Apr 2005

Iv'e give up!!!

Why? Have you followed my suggestions above?


  Technotiger 16:49 12 Apr 2005

Me again. I have just successfully sent files to and from my PC to Laptop/Laptop to PC, using InfraRed.

I now know how - if you are having problems doing the same, let me know here and I will explain.


  anniesboy68 17:08 12 Apr 2005

Technotiger... I have no icon/s in the taskbars on both pc and laptop. All indications show that everything is ok....but. I have tried what you say but nothing shows up.

  anniesboy68 17:12 12 Apr 2005

PS when I say all indications show that everything is ok I mean that Device managers on both systems say everything is working ok. I have to go now [have a shower, going out tonight].Will perhaps continue tomorrow, with your help??? I will leave the cptr on for a reply....AB68

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