the old man 22:41 23 Jan 2006

I have just run my weekly antivirus check with avast after updateing the virus database. The check threw up the above problem and added it to the virus chest. I googled firstly screnc.exe and it seems to be a command line utility and is in the MS database. I then googled 'informer50' and only 3 entries came up. click here

Has anyone come up against this virus/malware.

To VoG™ - have you come across this as the only things I have installed recently have been Jetaudio and Realalternative as we discussed a couple of days ago ref. Realplayer screen turning green on BBC website.

  the old man 23:10 25 Jan 2006

anyone with any info please.

  the old man 16:15 27 Jan 2006

anyone able to help?????????

  VoG II 16:21 27 Jan 2006

There is nothing I can find that indicates that this file is malware. See click here

I have JetAudio and RealAlternative but I do not have this file so I don't think they are connected.

  Skyver 16:24 27 Jan 2006

What antivirus program flagged it up? The spyware forum in one of your links suggested it was safe, and the file is apparently a `script encoder`, as you say , a Windows program. Sounds like a false positive or at the least nothing to worry about, especially if you have a firewall and remove any reference to that file in MSCONFIG (if it's there at all).

  the old man 16:30 27 Jan 2006

Avast was the one that spotted it. Just a bit of a coincidence VoG™ that it seemed to appear fairly recently after I had installed the two programs you had recommended to me.
As you say seems that it is supposed to be safe as link shows which I had seen previously. Just seemed strange at the time that avast alarmed at it and it had not caused a problem before with avast or AVG which I have used in the past.
Heh ho. Experience I suppose it is called. Thanks fellas.

  Skyver 16:33 27 Jan 2006

I've had Winrar SFX executables flagged as virus' in Avast before now, emailed them and it was fixed in an update about 8 hours later. I'm sure it wasn't just me that informed them, but I was mightily impressed, I'm only running the free version after all.

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