Information on VHS Video player to PC cables

  23790954 14:09 21 Jul 2007

I have just read all the previous posts about changing Videos to DVD via computer. As a pensioner I have dozens of family videos from video camera over past 20/30 years. I have been looking for either a video capture lead, as recommended by victorjohnp in his post, or a grabee X lead as recommended by a few people.
However the only leads I can find in this category are from Hong Kong or U.S.A.. Can anyone inform me of where I can purchase one of these leads in U.K. Thanks for all information given.

  johndrew 16:39 21 Jul 2007

You could try here. If you can`t see what you want you can e-mail Overclock, they are very helpful, Maplins can help but not as well.

click here
click here

  Stuartli 17:04 21 Jul 2007


click here

You can also use a Freeview TV card (no point in buying an analogue card) with suitable inputs (use with Scart to S-Video or as required).

  eedcam 18:09 21 Jul 2007

You could also get a dvd recorder quite reasonable and put them straight to dvd.Much more straightforward

  Totally-braindead 18:18 21 Jul 2007

I would also recommend connecting from the video player to a standalone DVD recorder its simple. The trouble with converting old video tapes on your PC is they are analogue and the computer first has to convert them to digital, apart from the problem getting the feed in it uses a lot of processor power and a hell of a lot of drive space. Oh and its very lengthy and time consumming.
A 2 hour video can be converted to DVD by connecting to the dvd recorder, pressing play on the video and record on the DVD and would take only 2 hours, the quality you would get would be close to what you saw on the screen.
If you don't have a standalone DVD recorder ask about I'm sure someone you know will have one and you could pop round with your video camera and do it there and then.

  evalesco 20:11 21 Jul 2007

I would agree with eedcam and totally-braindead. I'm no expert but I was tryihg to do the exact same thing as you earlier this year. I bought the video capture leads (from PC World by the way), hooked up my camcorder and pressed the button. I was very disappointed at how poor the video quality was and how jumpy it was.

Buy a DVD recorder! They are designed specifically to convert analogue to digital and you'll find the quality of the video is much better.

Good luck!

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