Information on Norton Internet Security Required

  spuds 18:24 29 Sep 2014

Having just had a recent infection on the computer, that was apparently packaged with another download, I am looking into possible better internet security.

A number of Internet Security programmes have been suggested as 'the best' from a Google search and reviews. Norton Internet Security seems a good selection to consider.

Do you use this product, if so, would you recommend it without reservation. Or would you consider something 'better.

I am using free versions of Avast, SuperAntiSpyware on the infected machine, and previously I found that these have covered my needs in great form.

I did look at some PCA reviews, and a product that I have never heard of before caught my eye - Qihoo 360 Internet Security 4.3. But doing a search, seems to bring different opinions about this particular piece of software.

  compumac 19:01 29 Sep 2014

I have used Norton Internet Security for some few years now after it was recommended here. Prior to this I had shied away from Norton as it had been exceedingly bloated and the number of problems that I have had with their help(?)line.

It runs in the background without interfering with productivity.

Would definitely recommend.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:16 29 Sep 2014

Once you have downloaded something in a package its past your defenses whatever you have.

There are several threads on this site bemoaning the demise of safe sites to download from.

I shy away from Norton as 360 locked up my drive and I needed to restore from an image. Plus the on going annual subscriptions are high.

For any AV

To pay or not to pay? That is the question :0)

  sunnystaines 19:32 29 Sep 2014

I have used norton security since windows95. Its good so is its support with a very ood online live chat help and can access your pc to fix too.

most makes are good, but its the support that counts when there is problem.

  spuds 10:07 30 Sep 2014

For anyone interested in Norton Internet Security, then check out Argos for prices, they are having half price sales on some software.

I will now tick this post, but you might find my last comments a few moments ago on the following post interesting. Other post click here

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