Information needed about a Router

  fitzy- 2nd 13:29 13 Feb 2005


what it is, i have just bought a pc for son
for the bedroom, and i've been told i need something called a router, as i have another pc,

Apparently there are differant types of routers, and i would like to know which one would be best for this course, the connection is a 512 broadband but will be going up to a 1mb broadband in future.

Can anyone tell any sites that sell this product,
also, good competative prices.

Thanks to all that gives me info.

  john-232317 13:51 13 Feb 2005

Put your mouse pointer over the word ROUTER in your title ;-))

  TomJerry 13:56 13 Feb 2005

(1) what kind of BB you got, cable or adsl?

(2) how do you want to hook up together, wireless or wired. (wired is cheaper)

(3) how do you want to access net, (a) access it independently? (b) one main PC link to net and another one access net thorugh it.

(4) Are there any Network (Lan/Ethernet) connection ports in both of your PC?

Once you answer these questions, there will a lot of people tell you exactly what you need.

  TomJerry 13:58 13 Feb 2005

are you prepared to open PC case to insert a small component

  TomJerry 14:44 13 Feb 2005

total cost under £20

(1) Get two of those: Ebuyer 11Mbps Wireless (WI-FI) USB LAN Adapter (802.11b)
click here

(2) Install driver software on both PC and then stick each into a USB port, Install software first!!!

(3) From a PC with XP, click "my network place" and select "set up a home or small office network" and then just follow on screen instruction, this is networl wizard and need to run on both PC

Now you networked two PC together on so called "adhoc" network

(4) On the PC connect to net, enable "Internet Connection Sharing", you can find how to do this by searching "Internet Connection Sharing (or ICS) in Windows's own help. Then just enjoy.

You cannot get any easier and cheapier than this.

If you want to move big files between PCs and then you need faster network, in this case you need to get a pair of Ebuyer 54Mbps Wireless (WI-FI) USB 2.0 LAN Adapter (802.11G) £18 each click here

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