Information loss when copying files?

  julia23 22:02 30 Jan 2006

Hi all,

I downloaded AVG and Zone Alarm to give to a friend who has just got a computer. I wanted to install these for her before she went on the net.
When copying these files to CD I got a message saying something like 'some information may be lost but the file won't be impaired???' Do you want to proceed. I am not sure of the exact wording.
Could anyone be kind enough to tell me what info is lost and will the files still be OK

Thank you


  Skyver 22:53 30 Jan 2006

Sounds more like the message that appears when copyin g NTFS to FAT file systems, CD uses a different file system again - as long as the original files were burned and verified, nothing to worry about.

  julia23 23:08 30 Jan 2006

Thank you.
I downloaded to my documents and then copied to CD. I am using NTFS Win XP. I just wondered if the files were still OK. I am not sure about being verified.


  Skyver 23:21 30 Jan 2006

If XP didn't throw up any errors during the actual CD burn process all is well.

  julia23 23:26 30 Jan 2006

Thanks for all your help.


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