Information on adding DVD player to system

  23790954 17:41 26 Jul 2005

A few months ago, I removed my DVD player from my system, as it was not as fast at burning audio c.d.'s as my CD writer. I would like to replace the DVD drive into my system, but I then would have; drive d; my cd/dvd reading rom;
drive E; is my cd 52x writer, plus my DVD writer. My dvd writer would then become drive F. Is this set-up feasable, and would the system be able to differentiate between my cd writer and my dvd/cd writer. Many thanks for any information given to a silver surfer.

  sidecar sid 17:47 26 Jul 2005

Why not just remove your DVD rom(d) and put your DVD writer in place of it.

You will still have your CD writer for burning CDs and your DVD writer will read CDs and DVDs as well as being there for Writing DVDs if you want.

  Completealias 17:52 26 Jul 2005

With that configuration I take it you will be having one of the optical drives slaved off the cable with you hard drive on it. This I have been told is not recommended as it can slow things down.

I would personally take out the cd writer and replace with the dvd writer, the dvd writer will still burn to cd's.

I would have it set up like this primary IDE channel your hard drive/s with the windows drive as master. Then on your secondary IDE channel the dvd writer set as master and the dvd-rom as slave

  dan11 18:02 26 Jul 2005

Yes, that sounds fine. I have just setup this system this afternoon. click here As you can see it has a cdrw, dvd rom and a dvdr-rw drive. All work fine.

When you install the software for the dvd drive, you should have a drop down icon or tab to select which writing drive you would like to choose. If you insert the disk to be written on, then the burning software should automatically pick that writing drive to use.

I have just tested them with a dvd-rw and a cd-rw.

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