inforation on netwoking. IPs etc.

  david5 15:02 21 Jun 2005

Can anyone recommend an article or book on networking? i.e. understanding IPs etc. Ive got netwoking for dummies and networking and system integration for dummies but they are too simple and too complicated at the same time!!! They seem to have great big gaps in the middle. Info on pinging etc. would also be handy.

  John-259217 15:38 21 Jun 2005

IBM Redbooks might be worth a look.

These are freely downloadable PDF`s on a wide variety of computer technologies.

A search on "networking" gave 463 hits, the start page is click here and a sample search result is click here

I do admit they are generally very technical, this one click here on TCP/IP protocols is a 7.7MB download and has 980 pages (yes I am sad enough to have read it <sigh>), so they may be far more complicated than you need, however they are free so you have nothing to lose.

Other than that try googling for articles relating to the particular area you want infomation on, such as using the Ping command.

Although there are differences in its usage on Windows, MAN pages available for *nix systems may be helpfull.

  david5 09:09 23 Jun 2005

Thanks m73john. Some very heavy stuff there, next time i'm suffering from insomnia i'll wade through.

  John-259217 01:57 24 Jun 2005

lol, I know what eactly what you mean!

Night nurse and party political broadcasts can`t match the OSI layer model for sleep inducement! 8-)))

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