Info shred from old computer

  Pererin 18:54 16 Oct 2005

Hi gang, will be having new computer before too long and wondered what is the best to wipe all my stuff off the old machine before it gets passed on. Any one know of good kit and easy to use, thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:19 16 Oct 2005

Just format it, unless your paranoid the use one of these File erasers :-
Eraser click here
Ultrawipe click here
SuperShredder click here
killdisk click here

  Skills 19:30 16 Oct 2005

I use killdisk myself boot from a floppy disk and wipes partion information and writes over the drive.

  Newuser38 19:35 16 Oct 2005

I see there is a program called Cyberscrub on the new PCA cover disc. Dont have any experience but PCA write up looks interesting for would be hard drive wipers.

  jack 20:03 16 Oct 2005

It depends on the sensitivity of the Data.
What is going to happen to the old computer
and how Parnoid you are about the data in question.

All the Format and wipe programs are reverable to someone determined and equipped enough to want to do it. This is who so many saddos get nicked when their PC's are cofiscated.
A A simple format -yes.
B A 'wiper prgram , then format OK.
Still not sure? -if the old one is being scrapped then take the drive out and mount it as slave in the new one - then you get to keep all your secrets
The final solution - A big hammer!

  interzone55 20:52 16 Oct 2005

If you use something like Eraser then the drive will be over-written 35 times with random data, then the file table is also over-written.

The is no way anyone will be able to recover data after that, short of removing the disk from the drive and examining it with an electron microscope.

This is the method used by the US Department of Defence, and they're a little on the paranoid side.

  Pererin 09:38 17 Oct 2005

Thanks one and all,there's nothing hyper sensitive on it, just personal info. All I want to do is, as with paperwork, just dispose of it as best I can. Think you've poi, nted me in the right direction as usual.

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