Info on setting up PC based Home Theatre

  HenryVII 13:04 21 Jan 2019

I'm looking for a guide - article/blog/book - on how to set up a home theatre / tv / audio configuration based around a PC.

Up to now I have used STB+TV+DVD player+Sound bar. I am moving home this year and would like to use PC+Monitor+TV Tuner+Amp+Speakers/Sound bar+DVD player +HDD recorder. Basically getting rid of the TV and using a suitable monitor instead.

I would appreciate any pointers.

  aquatarkus 15:43 22 Jan 2019

Hi there If setting up an HTPC then would suggest you take a look at the links below for starters. have you thought about what front end you want to use, Emby, Kodi, Mediaportal or J River?. click here (Would start by reading this 1st) click here (this is my software of choice) click here lot should give you a good starting point of what to look for and how to set up, Are you going to use a Freeview TV card or a Freesat TV card or both? for TV cards the best are probably the Blackgold ones but can be a bit expensive.

If you have any more questions just ask.



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