Info required on email prog.

  Meshuga 18:59 06 Aug 2003

Does anyone know anything about an alternative to
OE called Pegasus provided by pmail based in New Zealand. Its a free download and is supposed to
have various advantages over OE. Meshuga.

  graham√ 19:11 06 Aug 2003

Here you go click here

  spikeychris 19:13 06 Aug 2003

Friend of mine swears by it:

Pegasus positives...

1) Speed and resources. Pegasus is way, way faster than Outlook or
Outlook express, and uses many fewer resources. You can leave it
running all the time without a big performance hit. Not so with

2) Security. Doesn't hide attachment extensions, or run attachments
automatically by default.

3) Portability. Easy to move your folders around with you if you want.
Have fun finding all your Outlook settings and stuff.

4) Far less hard drive space used.

5) Having a little flying horse flapping its wings in the system tray
when you get mail is kind of nice.

I did find however that a lot of his mail comes back when he's mailing home, it wouldn't accept .exe's, probably just a setting to change

  Meshuga 19:17 06 Aug 2003

Graham, many thanks. Have you used this prog
and is it easy to use. Any disadvantages. Meshuga.

  Meshuga 19:21 06 Aug 2003

Thanks Spikey Chris. Very clear description.

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