Info on installing sp2 please.

  Eargasm 13:42 30 Dec 2004

Hi all

Running Xp home with sp1 installed. As the sp2 forum is now closed i would like some info on what to do before installing Thanks.

1) Do i need to disable avg or firewall first ?

2)Should i clean up the pc first ie run adaware/spybot/cleanup etc ?

3) Do i need to install it in safe mode ?

The main reason i haven't installed before is that a few people had problems with epson printers. As there is a new driver out in january, and after a recent browser hijack i have decided to install it.

Any advice on your own experiences would be most welcome. Thanks Phil

  VoG II 13:46 30 Dec 2004

Probably a good idea to run Ad-aware etc. first.

Then just close all running programs (you can leave antivirus and firewall running).

No need for safe mode.

  ACOLYTE 13:50 30 Dec 2004

It does say to dissable any pop up stoppers you have before install,and thats about all i did when i installed.

  Stuartli 13:54 30 Dec 2004

You should close all running programs, utilities, firewalls etc before creating a System Restore point - name it something on the lines of PreSP2; the date is inserted automatically.

If anything does go wrong you can always revert back to the SR point and then uninstall SP2 from Add/Remove Programs.

After everything has been closed you can then install SP2. You should really have no problems, esepecially if your system is running without any current glitches.

  Eargasm 13:56 30 Dec 2004

Thanks, am i right in thinking that i have to disable the windows firewall after installing as i am using sygate .

Also i remember bookmarking a thread i think it was (huggy) about disabling an annoying taskbar icon, but the thread is no longer available.

  Jackcoms 13:56 30 Dec 2004


1) No. Never disable any AV when using the net

2) Yes. Also defrag as well

3) No

Surprised you've left installation so late. SP3 is due soon. ;-)

  Eargasm 13:58 30 Dec 2004

Ok thanks all, i'll green tick now and post in here if it all goes pear shaped.

  Stuartli 14:29 30 Dec 2004

You should use your Sygate AV, ZoneAlarm (free) or similar AV rather than the Windows version (this should be Disabled from the Security Center once you have installed the alternative).

The Windows firewall is basically intended (as is SP2 as a whole) to improve security aspects for those who don't know how - or can't be bothered - to keep their systems in good order.

  Eargasm 17:50 30 Dec 2004

I have installed sp2 and all seems ok (famous last words) i have disabled the windows firewall.

Thanks to all.

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