INFO on how to remove a virus

  [DELETED] 14:11 10 Oct 2003

I know this doesn't strictly count as a request for help - quite the opposite.

After being the victim of several virus' over the past few months I eventually found a website which actually provides useful information - rather than trying to sell their product.

McAfee's site click here contains the most useful info on even the rarest of virus' it usually provides very detailed description of what exactly the virus does, and how to remove it.

Norton also provides a useful virus list at click here which may be worth checking out as well.

Other useful sites include
Sophos: click here

Avast: click here

AVG: click here

Common sense would suggest that if you are running one of the above programs, then a quick visit to their website would sort out the problem, but time after time, McAfee come out on top.

Hope this helps

  Stuartli 14:26 10 Oct 2003

I've always found that the Norton website is very comprehensive and offers straightforward information on how to remove a virus if, by any chance, you have been affected.

Fortunately I've only been caught twice over many years but Norton soon solved the problem.

  Stuartli 14:29 10 Oct 2003

I've just switched to AVG as Pipex no longer provides NortonAV free of charge and the subscription was just about to expire.

Hopefully I won't need to visit the website...-:)

As a reminder, the best way to help stop e-mails from setting sail is to permanently disable the Preview Pane in Outlook Express.

You can then examine a suspicious e-mail by highlighting it, right clicking, Properties and then Message Source. Close down by OKing and then delete e-mail if necessary.

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