.info file...can I delete?

  Skeletor 14:06 28 Oct 2003

Hi all,

I bought a digital camera a couple of months ago (Canon ixus V3) and have now got in the region of 500 to 600 images on my PC (running Win XP). I figure it's about time I thought about filing them properly, before the job becomes too daunting. My question is, what is the file (in every photo folder) called "Zb Thumbnail.info". Is it important? Can it be deleted? Or should I leave well alone? It is normally a "Hidden file", and it only seems to be in XP's own browzer. I've tried a Google search and "The File Extension Source" Web site, but can't find any info anywhere. Any help appreciated.


  Skeletor 20:14 28 Oct 2003

Just noticed It's not just photo folders with this file, but all images (scans,"Paint" images, etc,)


  R4 20:35 28 Oct 2003

The Thumbnail file is usually attributed to the graphics viewin programs,so that when you open them you can see a thumnail picture of the files available.

Could be your image viewer has a box checked to produce thumnails on image input, not sure though.

you could probably remove them safely I would try one and then see if you can view the photo/scan OK.

If you really need it you can restore it from your recycle bin.

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