Info on Ei System Laptop

  jg1990 19:16 20 Feb 2004


I have recently purchased an ei system 4402 laptop. I can't seem to find any information on it anywhere.

Does anyone have any info on it?



  bremner 19:47 20 Feb 2004

Serached Google with no hits on Ei Systems 4402 click here has 4401 & 4403.

As it appears this is a make only sold by DSG then a call to PC World / Dixons might shed some light on this machine.

  ©®@$? 20:02 20 Feb 2004


thats all i could find, at the mo

  ©®@$? 20:15 20 Feb 2004

that is all i can find, are you on about an actual website for ei systems, or the specification of the laptop, as aida32 is a great program for telling you everything about the system..

  jg1990 20:28 20 Feb 2004

Thanks for your replies.

I was refering to the website for ei systems.

Anyone know it?



  ©®@$? 20:35 20 Feb 2004

click here={1ED8EDC4-421B-4347-8037-2CB9588A8A88}&CatID={21CFD177-97C6-4BD4-8D5F-0F97FE11D8DC}

not the manufactorers website, but support downloads and info here!

  ©®@$? 20:36 20 Feb 2004

above link click here

got all the info that the manufactorer would have

  jg1990 20:38 20 Feb 2004


Ive already been on those sites.

I was only really looking for the site with a view of buying another battery.



  jg1990 21:45 20 Feb 2004

Anyone know the address for ei systems?

  ©®@$? 09:26 21 Feb 2004

not exactly easy to find are they these ei systems..

where did you purchase this laptop from maybe go through them!

  bremner 10:42 21 Feb 2004

As I said above they only seem to be available at PC World, Dixons and Currys so they are probably made by someone else and badges as Ei Systems for DSG.

This is confirmed as I have looked at a review of the EiSystem 4412 in Laptop magazine and the website for EiSystems is given as click here

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